CTK Traditions


Christ the King Catholic School is a school founded in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, and in that light we strive to be a welcoming, respectful, inclusive community. Students, faculty, and staff at Christ the King transcend various creeds and religions. Our Christian tradition welcomes children of all faiths and actively fosters their faiths as a strong and joyous basis for living principled lives, being active members of the community, and giving of themselves to others. We celebrate – and try to live – the Catholic values, academic achievement, and life skills to develop responsible Christians, and serve our neighbors from a heart of compassion.

One of the visible markers of Christ the King Catholic School is our church, Christ the King Catholic Church. Children in all grades attend Mass weekly. Mass serves as a centering moment in our busy world and is a time to gather as a community to celebrate our shared life. We hear stories of faith with our students, and the guests who represent a wide spectrum of the best of the Browerville community. Christ the King Catholic School strives to create an environment that is comfortable for both Christians and non-Christians, encouraging children to find the love of God at work in each other and to seek truth in places they might not have otherwise looked. In such a community, acts of kindness are encouraged and community service is expected.


At Christ the King Catholic School, we have faith in one another. Students, faculty, and staff respect and help each other at school and beyond. Our Catholic identity affects the teachings of the faculty, and informs the decisions made by the staff, administration, and Board of Education. The Catholic tradition teaches us to respect the dignity of everyone we meet, and this allows us to live more fully into our mission: to enable and encourage each student to reach their individual potential on their lifelong journey.