Christ the King Catholic School has received its accreditation for 2018-2024 through the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accreditation Association (MNSAA).  Accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance to evaluate, validate, and improve the school's quality.


MNSAA is a federally and state-sanctioned non-profit association for accrediting non-public schools in the state of Minnesota.  MNSAA's mission is to be a catalyst for enhancing the quality of non-profit education in Minnesota through a comprehensive process of accreditation. 


MNSAA helps its member schools provide quality non-public education for the children of Minnesota.  Individual schools are accredited based on their compliance with a set of rigorous standards that identify essential personnel, instruction, facility, curriculum, governance, and marketing policies and practices that are considered necessary for an effective school.


"The accreditation process includes the creation of a visionary and focused strategic plan and an on-site visit by a team of educators from member schools" - Principal Cindy Iten


Accreditation with MNSAA relies heavily on how the individual school defines its mission and the way it seeks to accomplish that mission.


"As a united family at Christ the King Catholic School, we strive to promote achievement and life skills to develop responsible Christians on their lifelong journeys" - Mission Statement

Christ the King Catholic School is a MNSAA (Minnesota Non-Public School Accrediting Association) certified school. Christ the King Catholic School had been MNSAA Accreditated for many years and is proud to share the same values, principals, benefits, and privileges as MNSAA.


MNSAA Accreditation Values

  • Accreditation is a framework for the best possible educational program for learners.

  • Accreditation delivers recognized credibility of the quality of a school program in the eyes of stakeholders and the public.

  • Accreditation offers outside objective validation that a school meets high standards and is actively seeking a quality educational program.

  • Accreditation assures stakeholders that the school program and organization undergoes an intensive self-evaluation and a review by unaffiliated professional educators.

  • Accreditation provides for long-range strategic planning focusing on student achievement and ongoing school improvement.

  • Accreditation makes a public statement that the school is willing to be measured against rigorous standards and to engage in long-range strategic planning.

  • Accreditation facilitates a process whereby staff communication results in shared commitment to future directions.

  • Accreditation highlights the many excellent accomplishments of the school and its students.

  • Accreditation offers a network of educational relationships, whereby the exchange of ideas and methods to better meet the needs of students can be developed and shared.

Guiding Principles of Accreditation

  • A school is evaluated in terms of standards established by the Association.

  • A school is evaluated in terms their own mission and philosophy, recognizing that individual differences exist.

  • A school is evaluated on its total identity as an institution of learning. As such, variations will appear in the degree of success achieved.

  • A school is evaluated on its curriculum and professional standards which need to be stimulating and conducive to educational growth.

  • A school has a guide for continuous self-evaluation and strives constantly toward high goals of achievement.

Benefits & Privileges of Members

  • MNSAA accredited schools are recognized by the State of Minnesota and the National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations.

  • MNSAA accredited schools have voting rights in Association elections and in determining changes to By-Laws.

  • MNSAA accredited schools receive monthly news and notes in the Accredit-Memo containing professional, legal, and policy information and updates.

  • MNSAA accredited schools are provided with best educational practice resources.

  • MNSAA accredited school are entitled to free registration for training workshops.

  • MNSAA accredited schools enjoy valuable professional development at our Annual Conference.

  • Much more!

Media & Communications


Any communications/media incorporating the Christ the King Catholic School's name, logos, or communicating school-related information must be approved by the pastor and/or principal. This includes invitations, stationery, letterhead, letters, flyers, posters, banners, signs, publications, t-shirts, items sold for fund raising, and anything created by faculty, staff, parents, or students with the Christ the King Catholic School name or logo.  Please contact us for logos and a current Style Guide.


Website, Newsletter, and Facebook
Please contact the school office (320) 594-6114, to have an item posted on the school’s website, information added to the family bulletin, or content loaded on the Christ the King's Catholic School's Facebook Page. Please note that content submissions are subject to approval and may be edited.

Christ the King Catholic School strives to provide up-to-date information on a routine basis to students and parents. Parents are reminded and encouraged to use the school website to access the school calendar and Family Back Pack for even more school information.

Christ the King's Catholic School's Handbook has been specifically written and designed to answer questions and assist parents with information on school policies and information that can be used on a daily basis. These are linked year-round under "Academics" on our website.

School news is communicated via a weekly family bulletin, the Christ the King Catholic School website, and communication from school to home when necessary.

Student Publicity

If you have a story or photo about your child that you would like to be recognized, please send it to us! We are happy to highlight them on our social media channels, the Christ the King Catholic's School website, other school media outlets or publications, and to local media when appropriate.

Please follow these simple guidelines when submitting a photo or story:

First coordinate with the school office when you have a press submission or story idea.